Michael Rowe

During his visit to London for the UK premiere of LEAP YEAR (AÑO BISIESTO) at the London Film Festival writer/director Michael Rowe discusses reactions to the film.

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Behind-the-Scenes on FROZEN RIVER

The Oscar-nominated and Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning FROZEN RIVER was filmed on location in the Lattsburgh and Beekmantown areas of Clinton County, NY, during 24 wintry days in 2007. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos taken during the shoot, as the cast and crew battled the freezing conditions.

FROZEN RIVER is available on DVD and VOD through AX1 Films.

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SUGAR: Interview With Writer/Directors Anna Boden And Ryan Fleck

Jason Wood: With your follow-up film to Half Nelson was there a conscious decision to extend your sights beyond American borders?

Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck: Not really, but filmmaking is an excellent excuse for travel. Generally, we are compelled by a certain character and go wherever that character takes us.

JW: What was the starting point for the journey that Sugar undertakes? I understand that Ryan was a big baseball fan and this then led to research concerning the thousands of athletes from the Dominican Republic that go through the minor league system.

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TOKYO-GA: Ozu, A Relic Of The Cinema (An Excerpt From The Script TOKYO-GA)

If our century still had any shrines... if there were any relics of the cinema, then for me it would have to be the corpus of the Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu. He made fifty-four films in all, silents in the twenties, black-and-white films in the thirties and forties, and finally colour films until his death in 1963 – on 12 December, his sixtieth birthday.

Ozu's films always tell the same simple stories, of the same people, in the same city of Tokyo. They are told with extreme economy, reduced to their barest essentials. They show how life has changed in Japan over forty years. Ozu's films detail the slow decline of the Japanese family and the collapse of national identity. They don't do it by pointing aghast at the new, American, occidental influences, but by lamenting the losses with a gentle melancholy as they occur.

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Cannes ’82 – The Guests of Room 666

Though imprisoned at the time in his home country, Turkish director Yilmaz Güney, along with Costa-Gavras (Missing), was awarded the Palme d’or for Yol. Fitzcarraldo earned Werner Herzog the Best Director prize. Romain Goupil received the Caméra d’or for Half a Life.

Other guests of Room 666 who had features in the main competition were Robert Kramer (A Tout Allure), Michaelangelo Antonioni (Identification of a Woman), Jean-Luc Godard (Passion), Susan Seidleman (Smithereens) and Wenders himself (Hammett).

Un Certain Regard included Paul Morrissey (Forty Deuce), Jean-Luc Godard (A Letter to Freddy Bauche), Ana Carolina (Heart and Guts) and Mahroun Bagdadi (Little Wars).

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