A young man
gazes at a young woman.
He tries to grasp
the mystery of a face,
of a gesture…
then he peeps at
another one
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Dejeuner Diary: Postcards From The Old Man on PARIS, TEXAS

After Breathless opened, I was not hot; but I was Lunch. Fall of ’83 I went to L.A. for Lunch, Breakfast, Drinks, Dinner, Brunch (repeat) with studio execs–trying to bankroll a script (with no director or star attached, a stunt about as near as trying to jump over my own shadow). After several weeks of tequila and sushi in that anxious sunshine, I got the idea some people would rather eat than fuck, Okay, but I never cared that much about food.

So I had this problem, but kept chewing and talking “concept”.

Meantime, Wim (W pronounced V) Wenders had another problem. He was three weeks into a ten week shoot on Paris, Texas but with a script that had no end, the last third unwritten. Fine with Wim, this is his method: “It’s not fair to know the end of a movie when you start.” But it was not okay with the movie’s financiers. In mid-October they stopped the shooting until Wim had a completed script, at least in outline. Then his problem got further knotted up by Wim’s co-writer, Sam Shepard, going to Iowa to start starring in a Disney movie, Country.

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