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AX1 Films is thrilled to announce that director Pablo Trapero ('Carancho', Lion's Den) and actress/producer Martina Gusman ('Lion's Den', 'Carancho') will both be attending  the 56th BFI London Film Festival for the UK Premiere of WHITE ELEPHANT ('Elefante Blanco').


With Ricardo Darín (star of Oscar-winning 'The Secret in Their Eyes', 'Carancho'), Jérémie Renier ('Potiche', 'In Bruges') and Martina Gusman ('Carancho' and multi award-winning star of 'Lion's Den') leading Argentinean director Pablo Trapero ('Carancho', 'Lion’s Den') tells a powerful and gripping story of two maverick priests, a community worker and their desperate attempts to save the poverty stricken and warring factions of Buenos Aires’ infamous slum community from certain destruction. Beautifully shot and featuring an epic, original score by multi-award winning composer Michael Nyman, WHITE ELEPHANT examines the fine line between good and evil and how, in the final analysis, what we choose to fight for in life will ultimately define us. 

WHITE ELEPHANT screens at the London Film Festival on Friday 19th October at the Odeon West End and Saturday 20th October at the VUE cinema Leicester Square.

Further details: http://www.ax1entertainment.com/films/coming-soon/white-elephant.html